We’ve been told it’s
 “a total game changer”

Most menstrual cups have a shape that doesn't conform to your body. The consequence? The cup just won't sit right, so you get discomfort and leakage.

CleanCup’s unique patented design makes menstruating a breeze.

  • Soft & Flexible Stem

    This thin and flexible stem will move with your body. It’s easy to grasp to remove the cup, but won’t scratch or irritate.

  • Bubbly Shape

    The curves on our cup give you a secure fit. Dance, run, do cartwheels, all without worry.

  • Uniquely Angled

    Your body is angled, so CleanCup is, too! The angle conforms to your vaginal walls, so it stays put and creates a tight seal, while you forget the cup is there.

  • A Cleaner Cup

    We’ve used a unique, non-toxic and durable surface to make our menstrual cups super easy to clean, while they resist bacterial growth.

  • 100 % Medical Grade Silicone

    CleanCup silicone is from a leading European manufacturer and has been tested as an implant in the body for 30 days, to meet the ISO standard for biocompatibility.

  • Allergy-Friendly Option

    Some people with periods love the pink color. Others prefer no dyes, so we’ve made a cup with just pure medical silicone.

  • A match for everyBODY!

    CleanCup comes in three sizes: Short, Medium and Large, and two firmnesses: Soft and Firm, so that you can find the perfect match for your body.

  • Low Cervix Option

    Low cervix? We hate that annoying feeling of a too long menstrual cup too, so we designed a shorter menstrual cup especially for people with lower cervixes.  

  • 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you're not satisfied with the size or firmness of your cup, we'll replace it with another model for free. We want you to find the perfect match for your body!

Perfected by 1600+ Users

We designed CleanCup based on feedback from 450 menstruators, 20 testers, and 1600+ users.

1600+ customers tested CleanCup during our prototype run. People with periods of all shapes and sizes told us what it’s like to wear our cup day and night.

We heard that CleanCup is “a total game changer” from those who’d tried other menstrual cups and couldn’t find a good fit.

And we discovered small changes that make a world of difference in comfort.

CleanCup is “the absolute best menstrual cup” because we created and perfected the design for real bodies.