Menstrual Cup 101 - How to Choose & Use

Can I use it during physical activities?

Absolutely! Many women use their CleanCup during sports, swimming, yoga, and other physical activities. 💃🏻

Does it leak?

When inserted correctly, menstrual cups typically don't leak. If you experience leakage, it might be due to incorrect positioning, or the cup might be full and need emptying.

Can I wear it overnight?

Yes, you can wear your CleanCup overnight. It's safe to use for up to 12-14 hours, depending on your flow.

Quality & Safety

Can a menstrual cup cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?

The risk of TSS with menstrual cups is considered very low, but it's essential to maintain good hygiene, ensure proper usage, and not leave it in for longer than recommended.

Can I use it if I have an IUD?

While many women use both an IUD and a menstrual cup without problems, it's crucial to discuss this with your healthcare provider. There's a small risk that the cup could dislodge the IUD.