Your period just got a major upgrade!

Congrats on getting your new CleanCup. Whether you're diving into the menstrual cup world for the first time or maybe you're switching from another brand - welcome aboard!

We hope you'll love it as much as we do. You'll find all the info you need to get started here. Still got questions after reading this page? Get in touch! Nothing's TMI here.

Getting started

1. Sterilize: Boil your CleanCup before the first use to ensure it's sterilised.

2. Front Positioning: Spot the logo on your CleanCup? That's the front! Make sure it is directed face-forward during insertion. 

3. Fold It: We recommend starting with the "punch down fold". If you have difficulty, especially with the soft version, try the E-fold. 

4. Insert It: Find a comfortable position, like lifting a leg or squatting. Slowly slide the folded CleanCup into your vaginal opening. 

5. Ensure It's Open: Once inserted, feel to ensure it has opened up properly. 

6. Wear It: With CleanCup in place, you're good to go for up to 12 hours! 

7. Remove It: To remove, stay relaxed, pinch the base to break the seal, and gently pull out. 

8. Clean It: Rinse first with cold water to remove blood, then with warm water. When it's clean, you can reinsert or store it for the next cycle.

  • Punch Down Fold (or Push Down Fold):

    1. Hold: With clean hands, grip the top edge of your CleanCup with your thumb and forefinger.
    2. Push Down: Use your other hand to push one side of the rim down towards the base of the cup, creating a sort of pointed tip on one side.
    3. Squeeze: Hold the folded parts together tightly. It will look somewhat like a tulip shape.

    Why it's cool: The pointed tip can make it easier for some to insert.

  • E-fold

    1. Hold: Grasp the cup with one hand, fingers near the top rim.
    2. Pinch: Pinch the rim of the cup.
    3. Fold: Wrap one end of the rim around the other, forming an 'E' shape with the cup.

    Why it's cool: Due to its specific fold, the cup tends to pop open more easily once inside,

  • It's your choice!

    Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to menstrual cup folds. The world of folds is vast and varied – from the E-Fold to the Double 7 and beyond. The most crucial part is finding a method that feels just right for you. Experiment, explore, and embrace the journey to discovering your perfect fold. After all, your comfort is the ultimate goal here!

About Us - The CleanCup Story

We're a dedicated Norwegian team on a mission to redefine menstrual experiences for the better. How, you ask? By engineering what we believe to be the most comfortable menstrual cup on the market—CleanCup.

Why We Exist

We're not just about making a product; we're about driving a movement. Our core aim is to ensure that all menstruators—yes, we mean everyone—have access to menstrual health products that are not just safe and affordable, but also sustainable.

Why We Took Our Time

In an age where quick fixes are all the rage, we could have easily rushed a one-size-fits-all solution to market. But we didn't. Instead, we headed back to the drawing board and brought together hundreds of women in the design process. Why? To create a menstrual cup that isn't just "good enough," but truly the most comfortable option available.

Setting the Gold Standard for Quality

We've seen an influx of menstrual cups of questionable origin flood the market. That's not us. Your health is non-negotiable. That's why we've gone to great lengths to create menstrual cups that are free of harmful chemicals. We took our sweet time meticulously perfecting our manufacturing process to ensure that each CleanCup meets rigorous safety and quality standards. In a world of shortcuts, we chose the path of commitment to your health. When you choose CleanCup, you're choosing quality.

Knowledge is Power

... and we want menstruators to be powerful! Making informed decisions about your menstrual health is crucial. That's why we're deeply committed to educational outreach. From understanding cervical height to deciphering flow levels and getting to know your hormonal cycle, we provide you with the resources to know your body better.

Meet the Founder

Ever had one of those, 'Why hasn't anyone told me about this before?!' moments? Yeah, me too!

Hi there! I'm the founder & CEO of CleanCup. Rewind to 2016, I embarked on this journey because I felt every girl deserved to know about the menstrual cup, an absolute game-changer. Back then, in our beautiful Norway, menstrual cups were almost like urban legends; only a handful knew about them, and most pictured them as a 'hippie thing'. Not really the mainstream alternative to pads and tampons, right?

I remember being gobsmacked when I first tried a menstrual cup in 2015. It was nothing short of an epiphany. I couldn't help but think, why aren't these gems talked about in schools, just like other disposable products?

And so, CleanCup was born. Our aim? To not just introduce you to a fab product but also give you the info you need about it. Since 2016, it's been a whirlwind of raising awareness and refining our product to give you the unique CleanCup experience.

Our Donation Program

We're passionate about menstrual health. From the very beginning, for every cup sold, we gifted another. Our inaugural collaboration was with Save the Children Norway, providing CleanCups to hundreds of school-going girls in need. Even though our partnership with Save the Children had to end due to COVID-19, we're incredibly proud of the positive impact we made. And now? We're gearing up for our next big donation initiative. We remain unwavering in our commitment to menstruators worldwide.

We're in this for the long haul, aiming to make waves not just in your bathroom cabinets but also in our global community. Advocacy for menstrual health and sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We're here to start conversations, break taboos, and contribute meaningfully to societal wellbeing.

So there you have it. CleanCup isn't just a product; it's a promise—a promise of quality, education, and sustainable living. Join us on this journey to make menstruation a more comfortable and eco-conscious experience. 🌱